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Tooth Soap Review

Tooth Soap Review is on my personal experience with using Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap every single day since a friend introduced it to me back in July of 2007.

I was complaining about how no matter what brand of toothpaste I brush with, it just doesn't seem like my teeth are as clean as I'd like, nor did my breath stay fresh for that long. I also had this recurring canker sore that toothpaste seems to actually aggravate more than it was getting rid of it.

Then my friend told me about something he'd found while he was looking for an alternative to regular fluoride toothpaste and that's how I discovered this amazing product called Tooth Soap. If you're looking for an in depth tooth soap review, you've come to the right place!

Is Tooth Soap what you need for Healthy Teeth and Gums?

"Brush your mouth out with soap" may have been a threat from your mother back in the day but it seems that brushing your teeth with tooth soap is actually a good thing for the health of your teeth and gums! I know it sounds strange to be brushing your teeth with soap but I was curious when I heard about Tooth Soap and decided to give it try. I didn't have anything to lose really except for a little cash but what I ended up getting in return was much more valuable!

Years ago when I first found out about Tooth Soap, there wasn't a lot of tooth soap reviews online and the official ToothSoap website wasn't nearly as informative as it is today. Plus you know how official sites are, they are selling you a product and it's rather biased, they won't tell you anything beyond just positives like I'm about to share with you on my tooth soap review site.

Despite the lack of tooth soap review we could find, we decided to give it a try. What drove my friend to look for an alternative to toothpaste was that some of the information he had found about traditional forms of toothpaste were quite alarming, including the dangers of excessive fluoride ingestion and how glycerin prevents proper re-mineralization of your teeth.

I know, you're saying right now "How could that be? Fluoride has been recommended by dentists for years and it's in practically every tooth related product on the market.....even our tap water has fluoride in it!"

Let me first say that I'm not an expert by any means nor am I a professional medical person to give any kind of health advice. I'm just someone who is really into health and nutrition and cares about my own health and those of my loved ones. If you're like me, you want to give yourself and your family the best, most effective, and healthiest products to use, right?

Go ahead and do a Google search on the topic of fluoride and you will find a lot of information on the health dangers of it. It seems there are those who praise the benefits of using fluoride and then there are those who believe that fluoride is a poison and have cause many health issues.

I'm not here to tell you how to think or what to believe. I know Tooth Soap has worked for me very well and I used it for a whole year before I put this website together. It's simply too good to keep to myself and not share my honest personal experience with using Tooth Soap with others who may have the same concerns as I did back in 2007. This is precisely the reason I created my tooth soap review website.

See the picture to the right, I took that. Some of those are empty bottles I hadn't recycled yet in the past few months. I really do use Tooth Soap and I can't imagine ever going back to toothpaste again. Once you read through my tooth soap review site, you'll see why I will never let regular fluoride tooth paste touch my mouth again...and maybe you won't either!
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What is Tooth Soap and How to use Perfect Prescription ToothSoap?

Tooth Soap is an all natural teeth cleaning product that is used as a replacement for toothpaste. Depending on the variety of tooth soap you use, a very small amount is place either inside your mouth or on your toothbrush and then you brush your teeth as recommended by your dentist. Tooth Soap doesn't foam up a lot like regular toothpaste but it does an excellent job of cleaning your teeth and getting rid of the grime that's been building up on your tooth's enamel. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean and smooth to the feel of your tongue.

Regular brushing with Tooth Soap will bring the health and healing back to your gums and help prevent future problems you may have with your teeth and mouth. It seems that brushing your mouth out with "Tooth Soap" is really a good thing!

When I first started using the Original Tooth Soap by Perfect Prescription, it was available in both solid shreds and in liquid dropper bottle form, as seen in the picture above. My friend had shown me the official tooth soap website and said he would be trying it. He asked if I was interested since they had a discount running on additional quantities at that time plus we got to save on shipping placing one order verses two.

Quick Tip: Tooth soap occasionally will run sales, sign up for my newsletter on the left and I'll let you know when the next sale is right when it happens plus send you reminders so you don't miss out on tooth soap sales!

We started with the solid Tooth Soap shreds, his jar in peppermint, mine in spearmint. I must say that there is an adjustment period when switching from toothpaste to well.....anything different than a paste. What you do is take out of your amber glass container one shred of the ToothSoap. They are not big, perhaps an inch long if you get a whole piece and maybe 1/8 of an inch in width. You place this soap shred on your bottom molars and gently bite down to sort of press the toothsoap into your teeth for stability while brushing. Then you just brush as usual.

Check out the picture below to see what the tooth soap shreds look like. This was an old jar of the spearmint shreds that I stopped using after I found the joys of liquid tooth soap. It has aged a bit, fresh jars of toothsoap shreds are more whitish in color, just a fyi.

Just to let you know, even though we got "minty" tooth soap flavors, the mintiness wasn't very strong at all. There is a strange taste in the beginning because you are essentially brushing with a natural soap substance. I find that if I don't let the soapiness get in the back of my mouth, it doesn't trigger the gag reflexes as much.

Trust me though, if you can get over that very mild soap taste, you'll be quite pleased with the results of your teeth after you're done brushing with Tooth Soap! Eventually you'll either get used to that tiny bit of soap taste or don't even notice it at all.
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With the liquid, you simply suck up the desire amount of Tooth Soap into the screw top dropper and squirt it into the front of your mouth where the back of your bottom front teeth are, sort of stick your tongue down on the inside of your lower gums to catch the liquid and then brush with a wet toothbrush. This stuff doesn't foam as much as regular toothpaste and I usually use about a third of the dropper length or less of liquid tooth soap for each brushing.

Liquid ToothSoap comes in fruity flavors and of course the plain variety. When I first started, my favorite was the Fruit Punch flavored Tooth Soap and I still enjoy it and will buy a bottle of that always with my order. When I place an order, I usually will buy 2-4 bottles at one time to save on shipping cost overall. Currently I'm working on a bottle of chocolate mint which is delicious, a little bit chocolate with a hint of mintiness. The newer selections don't even have much of a soap taste, I guess they are perfecting their formula! Once I finish that, I have one more bottle of fruit punch left before I sample their newest creations, whips and gels PLUS see their new plaid designer labels!

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My Tooth Soap Results!

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